Astaxanthin for Joint & Pain

Osteo-Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Much more difficult to treat than Osteo-Arthritis
Double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial showed excellent results with Astaxanthin.

Approximately 2% of the US Population has CTS
No Cure: Splints/Surgery only options for most patients
Positive clinical results: Improvement in mobility and reduction in pain

Astaxanthin improved grip strength (without pain) of tennis elbow sufferers by 93% in 8 weeks

University of Memphis Clinical Study

Double blind, Placebo Controlled 60 subjects
Placebo group showed joint soreness for 48 hours, experimental group had no soreness

Viesun Astaxanthin® in Canada, BioAstin study in USA User Survey

  • 83% of users experienced less pain
  • 60% experienced increased mobility
  • 75% found that BioAstin works the same or better than over-the-counter medications
  • 60% found that BioAstin works the same or better than prescription anti-inflammatories